Triple VOC_t_rH_modbus

Triple VOC temperature and Humidity MODBUS sensor -wall mounted

VOC Modbus sensor

Product Description

The internal VOC sensor detects a wide range of VOCs gases come from several sources as cleaning and maintenance supplies, carpets, fabrics, finishes and furniture, microbial action, renovations, pesticides, odorous substances, tobacco smoke, human occupancy odours (exhalation and perfume)…

Additionally to internal VOC, sensor measures the temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments as schools, hotels, commercial buildings, offices, homes…

  • intelligent detection algorithms to monitor VOCs and CO2 equivalent variations in confined spaces
  • Calibration free
  • Low cost solution for DCV applications
  • Wide VOCs detection range
  • Detectable gases: Volatic Organic Compounds VOCs and Equivalent Carbon Dioxide CO2 (equiv)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Relative Humidity measurement


  • HVAC applications for building management
  • Air conditioning
  • Small restaurants, pubs, bistros
  • Lounges
  • Recreation spaces and smoking areas
  • Kitchens
  • Changing rooms and cloakrooms
  • Controlled ventilation of living spaces

Triple VOC temperature and Humidity MODBUS sensor datasheet

TestCase Example Measurements 6 VOC sensors in a 10 m2 Office room


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