VOC Air Quality Controller

VOC Sensor with PID control powered at 230/110V


Product Description

The internal VOC sensor detects a wide range of VOCs gases from different sources as cleaning and maintenance supplies, carpets, fabrics, finishes and furniture, microbial action, renovations, pesticides, odorous substances, tobacco smoke, human occupancy odours (exhalation and perfume)…

Additionally to internal VOC sensor measures the device makes an internal PID algorithm calculation accordingly with the setpoint configurated by DIP switches to give an on-off relay signal to control FANs, dampers, or any other ventilation machine. With the setpoint configuration the device allows important energy savings in ventilation areas like kitchens, lounges and small restaurants.


Application Areas
Small restaurants, pubs, bistros
Recreation spaces and smoking areas
Changing rooms and cloakrooms
Controlled ventilation of living spaces


Key features

- Calibration-maintenance free
- Wide VOCs detection range
- PID control by relay output (10A) and Analogue 0-10v output
- Direct FAN control and connection
- Powered at 110-230Vac-50/60Hz
- Setpoint configuration by DIP switch
- No external or additional controller needed
- Energy saving due to control FAN by VOC Air quality
- Low cost solution for controlled ventilation
- Universal mains powered 230/110V





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